keyword repetition

What is keyword repetition?

Keyword repetition is the analysis of the repetition of the content of a page. This analysis takes into account the total number of words and the number of distinct words in order to calculate their repetition rate in the text. For example, in the sentence "here is a seo essay for the seo" the analysis would indicate that there are :

  • 7 distinct words: "here", "is", "an", "seo", "essay", "for", "the"
  • 8 words: "here" "is", "an","seo", "essay", "for", "the", "seo"
  • the repetition rate is therefore 12,5%.

The calculation of the repetition rate is done as follows = (1- number of distinct words / number of words) x 100.

Why is it important to check the repetition of keywords? 

When keyword repetition remains below a certain threshold (less than 50%) it contributes to the referencing of the page. Since above this rate, search engines may consider it as an attempt of over-optimization the content. Moreover, it is important that the content itself is not repeated either. A content with a too high repetition rate can end up being penalized by search engines. It will be considered as "poor" content, of poor quality and with little added value for the users. 

How to manage keyword repetition?

In order to optimize the repetition of keywords in your content without losing quality, you must :

  • keep the repetition rate below 50%
  • think of the users. Repetition of keywords can be done, but it should not harm the user experience
  • use a rich and varied semantic field around your main keyword, including synonyms