Absence of keyword stuffing

What's keyword stuffing ?

Keyword stuffing, also called over-optimization, is the excessive repetition of keywords in elements that contribute to SEO (titles, link anchors, ...).

Why is it important not to over-optimize keywords ?

Stuffing is a black hat practice that can be sanctioned by search engines. This practice can be harmful on several points :

  • search engines will quickly detect that you are trying to trick their indexing robots. Thus, you may see your site being pushed to the last pages of the SERPs.
  • keyword stuffing penalizes the quality of your content, which risks losing in quality and readability for users. Your site will experience a decrease in traffic and an increase in the bounce rate. As a result, your site will appear as "poor quality" to Google and you will be pushed to the bottom of the SERPs.

How to avoid over-optimization of keywords ?

The best way to fight stuffing today is to produce quality content combining the presence of targeted keywords for SEO and readability for the Internet user. 
Do not hesitate to favor a developed lexical field rather than focusing on a repetition of your keywords, which can be considered abusive.
Indeed, Google and its algorithm now take into account the semantic richness of your content. This is why, even if you have not explicitly evoked certain keywords, you can still be positioned on a main expression and on secondary expressions, if your lexical field refers to them.