Optimized page title

What is an optimized page title ?

Reminder: The title of a web page appears in the title bar of the browser, but also in the pages of search engines. The page title in HTML language is called <Title> tag. 

An optimized page title is therefore a title that actively participates in your referencing in the SERPs, thanks to its relevance and attractiveness for the user and for search engines.

Why is it important ?

The title of a page is as important as the title of a novel. It must :

  • seduce web users in order to attract them to your site. This influences the CTR and thus indirectly on the positioning ;
  • seduce search engines in order to be well positioned in the SERPs.

How to optimize your page title ?

When you write your title in your <title> tag, it is important to respect several criteria in order to optimize it as well as possible :

  • the length : no more than 65 characters, i.e. 512 pixels. It must occupy, a at least, a space of 25 characters. It is preferable to reason in terms of pixels, because all the letters do not occupy the same space in a SERP. An uppercase "M" does not occupy the same space as a lowercase "j" for example
  • your title must be concise and precise 
  • include the main keyword of your page, i.e. the one on which you wish to be ranked
  • avoid keyword stuffing in your title. It must remain relevant and attractive to the user
  • the title of your page must be unique, although this can be complicated depending on your sector of activity
  • avoid naming your page "Home", "Contact" because Google takes the right to change the title of your page if it is not relevant enough to it
  • don't hesitate to use action verbs: "Improve", "Increase", "Develop", etc
  • the title of your page must be coherent and in adequacy with its contents
  • feel free to include your brand name if it is well known
  • don't forget that you write primarily to please the Internet users. You have to find the right balance between SEO and user appeal