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Easily optimize your pages with the SEO analysis

Detect all the SEO issues of your website thanks to our scan in a simple and all-in-one SEO solution (backlinks, rank tracker, competitors, suggestions etc)

Included: Rank tracking Page analysis Backlinks monitoring Competitors analysis Keywords suggestion ... and many more!

Automatic website checker of all your pages, everyday.

Our website SEO checker carries out an on-page optimization check of your site everyday.

+132 control checks in just a few seconds.

Google Compatibility

Verification of page
exploration and indexability

Content and Keywords

Analysis of the content quality
and keyword consistency

Performance and Security

Control checks of
page speed and security


Verification of backlinks
and their quality

More than 132 criteria analyzed in just a few seconds .

Easy interface
Reliable data
Powerful features

Cocolyze is the SEO software for businesses and agencies, from beginners to advanced experts.

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Discover the factors blocking the optimization of your web pages.

It’s important to carry out a website analysis of your pages to detect factors blocking your optimization.

+80 SEO criteria influence your optimization for each of your pages

The ranking of your web pages in Google depends on their SEO optimization. This optimization derived from a website analysis, takes into account the content of your pages, its performance, their links and the pertinence of the keyword that you want to rank upon. More than 80 criteria can influence your ranking, even penalize it. A website analysis carries a real technical check-up of your website.

The problems can be technical or marketing

The difficulty with SEO optimization is that it’s based on a multitude of factors. A website with high quality content will never be correctly ranked if it’s not performing well or offers a good user experience. Equally, a high performing site will never be correctly ranked if its content isn’t of good quality and it’s not correctly optimized. A page’s optimization is delicate because over-optimization can also lead to penalties in a web page’s ranking.

All your efforts will be wasted if your pages aren’t optimized

It’s useless optimizing your backlinks or promoting your website if it hasn’t been checked with a deep SEO analysis of your web pages to be ranked, as their ranking will be penalized even nonexistent due to some factors blocking optimization. It can be a question of hidden code in the pages, editorial problems or server configuration problems.

Analyze the optimization of each keyword in your content, the quality of the texts and the optimization of your content’s structure. Cocolyze analyzes the keyword density of your content, your titles as well as the image descriptions in order to check that it corresponds to the keyword that you wish to rank upon. We developed two scores: the Consistency Score and Semantic Score allowing you to analyze the SEO optimization of your content in a blink of an eye. Cocolyze also checks that your pages are correctly explorable and indexable by Google.

A thorough website content analysis

Our site analysis robot explores your pages acting like a virtual user. Our analysis returns all elements that could slow down your page or even cause security problems. Carry out a specific analysis for SEO optimization on mobile or in another language. Our analysis loads all the ressources and interprets javascript in order to explore it in the same way as Google.

A website analysis of your performance

Each analyzed page produces a to-do list, arranged in order of priority, indicating the most important corrections to carry out. Each SEO recommendation comes with documentation allowing you to understand the origin of the problem as well as all the technical data to be able to put in place the corrective.

A list of SEO priorities to resolve

Absolute optimization doesn’t exist, the objective is to have a website that is better optimized than its competitors. This is why Cocolyze automatically analyzes every web page of your competitors sites everyday to compare them against yours. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and easily identify the axes of important improvements in order to get ahead of your competitors. Cocolyze analyzes up to 20 competitors for each of your websites that you want to rank on without any extra cost, and this is automatically done everyday.

SEO optimization of your competitors

You’ve lost a position? What has happened on your page or on your competitors pages? Cocolyze automatically tracks the smallest of changes on all your pages and those of your competitors everyday to allow you to go back in time to understand the origine of the rank fluctuation. The recurrent website analysis of your pages provides you a traceability of each modification and repercussions that it could bring to your SEO ranking.

Track the SEO optimization your pages

Cocolyze is the only website SEO checker able to analyze the optimization of your page and its visibility in the search engines. Easily get a ranking audit of your page on the strategic keywords that you’re targeting and track the rank changes. Thanks to this visibility audit, Cocolyze tracks any new competitor arrivals and prevents you from losing a position.

A website checker of the visibility of your pages

Our different scores allow you to increase the return on investment of your SEO efforts: the SEO analysis of your pages is prioritized in order to indicate which page has the biggest ranking potential, and therefore which page needs to be optimized in priority. Get an overall view of your pages in order to detect the pages with high potential as well as the pages needing the most on-page optimization. We automatically detect the ranked pages and get rid of the non-strategic pages (in other words your website pages that you don’t want to work on).

Automatic detection of pages to optimize in priority

That’s why our customers Cocolyze

I daily use Cocolyze to optimize the SEO of our SaaS solution. What I like the most about Cocolyze is the simplicity and the clarity of the data. A powerful tool, comprehensive and accessible, which enables us to increase our organic traffic by +265% in 4 months. Cocolyze is now THE tool used in our start-up to improve our SEO and to generate more organic traffic.
Constant Deram,

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Included: Rank tracking Pages scan Backlinks analysis Competitors analysis Writing assistant
...and many more features!

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What is an SEO website analysis?

An SEO website analysis is an audit of a page of a website with the aim of improving its ranking in the search engines. A website analysis takes into account the content of the page, its interaction and its accessibility as well as its backlinks in order to verify that it respects the search engine criteria, and that it correspond to the themes that the website wants to rank on.

How do you carry out a site analysis?

Our website SEO checker explores the web pages to be analyzed in the same way as an internet user, then analyzes the source code, the content keywords as well as the page’s backlinks. This data is then manipulated by our analysis algorithms from our internal research and development in order to calculate different scores corresponding the SEO report results, and listing the elements to optimize.