The Cocolyze story

SEO is like a coconut at the top of a palm tree on a desert island.
You know you have to climb up the tree if you want to survive.
You spend hours and hours to find a way to open it.
And to succeed, you need method and tools.
That's what Cocolyze brings to the SEO world.

We turn headaches into easy actionable solutions.

Our mission: Make SEO easy…and that’s a complex task!
Several years of research & development has allowed us to provide powerful algorithms to analyze tons of data. We think that showing the top 3 priorities to solve is better than printing a 30-page analysis report.

…and we love it!

We are passionate for innovation.
We love making the impossible possible and surpass ourselves.

What is our project?

I am Tennessee, Founder of Cocolyze. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re curious about our project. I’m delighted to be able to share my vision for SEO with you: we want to offer simple, innovative solutions in order to improve the quality of online marketing. We’re going through a confusing time where the prospect is no longer the target to reach, it’s the brand that now needs to be attractive. We’ve got several innovations in store during the development of Cocolyze, and many others in research and development.

Our Headquarters

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100% made by people who what they do

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We’re looking for commercial partners across the USA, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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