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Competitors Analysis that improves your SEO strategy

Analyze your competitors’ SEO strengths and weaknesses (pages, ranks, keywords, backlinks etc) and monitor your competitors’ updates

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Included: Rank tracking Page analysis Backlinks monitoring Competitors analysis Keywords suggestion ... and many more!

Reliable data

Our algorithm use the most reliable data (search volumes from Google, ranks from SERPs, backlinks from Majestic SEO, content from your comptitors pages, etc)

Easy to use

No configuration needed. Get instant results and analysis. Each data is clearly explained.

Valuable results

Our algorithms summarize your analyzes in order to return only valuable data to improve your SEO.


On average, + 22% of SEO visits through Google in less than 3 months

Get your competitors strengths and weaknesses

Your competitors ranking

Analyze your competitors strengths and weaknesses in one click and unveil your SEO competitive mapping.

Your competitors backlinks

Spy on your competitors backlinks and discover what backlinks are the most important for your competitors.

Your competitors keywords

Competitors keywords are precious data to understand what keywords are generating visits to your competitors.

Your competitors pages

Analyze the competitors pages that are getting traffic in front of your pages. Analyze their optimization to improve your pages.

Free account. No credit card required.

Useful reliable data.

SEO value

Ranked keywords

Average rank

Backlinks quantity

Average traffic

Search volume

Ranked pages

Pages SEO value


How are analyzed my competitors?

1. We search for competitors

Based on your website ranked keywords, we detect your SEO competitors. That means websites ranked on the same keywords than your own website..

  • Competitors detection
  • Up to 20 competitors/project

2. We analyze their ranking

We gather and analyze your competitors ranked keywords data to bring you the keywords that are the most competitive to your business.

  • Competitors keywords
  • Keywords competition

3. We analyze their backlinks

Thanks to the backlinks analysis, unveil the backlinks that are important to your competitors. Discover their key backlinks.

  • Important backlinks
  • Netlinking profil

4. We analyze their pages

Cocolyze analyze your competitors pages ranked on your keywords everyday. Thanks to our algorithms, discover what pages are the most competitive.

  • Most competitive pages
  • Pages SEO Value

That’s why our customers Cocolyze

I daily use Cocolyze to optimize the SEO of our SaaS solution. What I like the most about Cocolyze is the simplicity and the clarity of the data. A powerful tool, comprehensive and accessible, which enables us to increase our organic traffic by +265% in 4 months. Cocolyze is now THE tool used in our start-up to improve our SEO and to generate more organic traffic.
Constant Deram,

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Included: Rank tracking Pages scan Backlinks analysis Competitors analysis Writing assistant
...and many more features!

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