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There is an easier & free way to check your On-Page SEO.

Get a free on page SEO audit report. Run an On-Page analysis of your website with our free On-Page SEO Checker Tool. Identify your pages errors & get tailor-made recommendations to improve all aspects of your SEO.

free on-page seo checker

seo technical issues

Are you sure there are no technical issues hidden in your pages?

Performance, content and HTML issues may be preventing search engines from indexing your pages. However identifying them requires some expertise and (a lot of) time.

Perform a full audit of your website’s
On-Page SEO using only ONE tool.
For Free.
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Identify the factors blocking their optimization, get actionable recommendations to guide you in their correction & integrate all your stakeholders onto the same place.

With the Free On-Page SEO checker tool you can have a full SEO audit of your pages based on more than 70 Google Criteria.

How the On-Page SEO Checker Tool works

Google’s Rank factors and its impact on SEO
Google uses more than 80 criteria in order to rank a page. The aim of these criteria is to help its algorithm meet not only its own needs, but also and mainly, the needs and queries of the users. The easiest way to know if the pages of you website are properly optimized for both search engine and the user is by performing an audit. Once the problems were identified, you can start correcting them to improve your rank.

SEO is both technical and Content Marketing-based
Search engine optimization is a mix of technical aspects and relevant content. One does not go without the other and there is no hierarchy, that is, both must be worked on simultaneously. Users and search engines are looking for qualitative information and good performance. That is why they are both at the center of a successful SEO strategy.

The Free On-Page SEO checker: a necessary time saving
Many marketing teams lack of knowledge about SEO technical aspects, which is considerably understandable due to the fact that it is a field that is constantly changing. Most of them are pretty good at creating content, but they are less performant when it comes to technical issues. With the free On-Page SEO checker, technical problems can be easily and automatically identified.
What is inside the Free On-Page SEO Checker Tool ?

Content analysis

Analyze the optimization of your keywords, the quality of your content and its structure. Get valuable recommendations on how to make your content consistent and SEO-friendly.


UX analysis

Since our robots explores your pages acting like a virtual user, it can also identify aspects that may interfere in the pages’ User Experience. Get a feedback on the aspects that must be fixed.


Page Speed analysis

Our robot explores your pages acting like a virtual user and returns all elements that could slow down your page or even cause security problems.


Bot-Friendly analysis

Assess your pages’ compatibility and their optimization for search engine indexation, links and design. Go over every technical error found on your pages and have the instructions to correct them.

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What is an On-Page SEO analysis?

An On-Page SEO analysis is an audit of a page of a website with the aim of improving its ranking in the search engines. An On-Page SEO analysis takes into account the content of the page, its interaction and its accessibility as well as its backlinks in order to verify that it respects the search engine criteria, and that it correspond to the themes that the website wants to rank on.

How do you carry out a page analysis?

Our On-Page SEO checker explores the web pages to be analyzed in the same way as an internet user, then analyzes the source code, the content keywords as well as the page’s backlinks. This data is then manipulated by our analysis algorithms from our internal research and development in order to calculate different scores corresponding the SEO report results, and listing the elements to optimize.