Number of keywords

What is a keyword ?

As a reminder, keywords are terms composed of one or more words that correspond to the subject present in an article or in a page. These words allow Google to associate these articles or pages with the requests of Internet users in order to present them  relevant results.

The number of keywords corresponds to the number of words (excluding stopwords) on your page. For example, if in your content there are the words "shoes" and "green shoes", the analysis will indicate that there are 2 keywords.

Why is it important to have a consistent content?

If in the content of your page there aren't any or very few keywords, Google and other search engines consider that your page has no added value so they will not rank it. 

How to find the right balance in the use of keywords?

In order to be ranked and to have an optimized  page at the level of keywords, we recommend : 

  • to have a minimum of 400 to 500 keywords per page
  • highlight the search terms preferably via HTML tags (i.e. in the titles, in bold or in the text alternatives of the images)
  • do not over-optimize a keyword, i.e. repeat it in an unnatural way, and tag it with exaggeration (also called Keyword stuffing technique)
  • use synonyms. Search engines tend to move towards understanding language and establish relationships between different words in different contexts. This also allows to better position oneself on long tail searches (searches with more keywords, more precise)