Thematic cocoon

A thematic cocoon is a group of keywords linked to a specific thematic (lexical field). A content page may contain several thematic cocoons.

How can you analyze thematic cocoons?

Thematic cocoons are analyzed by the Writings feature. When you create new content, Cocolyze gathers and analyzes the contents of the 20 top-ranked pages found on Google SERPs and extracts thematic cocoons from their contents. 

How can you use the thematic cocoons?

The thematic cocoons identified by Cocolyze will help you during the writing of your content allowing  you to enrich your page with the right expressions and keywords. By intelligently integrating the keywords of the different thematic cocoons you will be able to :

  • Enrich your content at the lexical level and improve its quality

  • Reach in an easier way a sufficient textual content at the quantitative level (minimum number of words to be well-ranked).

How does Cocolyze identify the thematic cocoons?

1. Scanning.

Cocolyze scans the pages of the first 20 search results in the SERPs and analyzes the content.

2. Analysis.

Among different elements analyzed by Cocolyze, the algorithm identifies :

  • The weighted density of each keyword
    Depending on the position of a keyword on the page, it will have more or less weight. For example, the keyword in the title H1 has more weight than in a paragraph. Cocolyze identifies the total number of occurrences, as well as their weight.

  • Keyword themes
    Using an algorithm developed in-house, Cocolyze can group keywords, both generic and long tail by theme.