Analyzed pages

Cocolyze automatically analyzes all the best ranked pages of your website and of your competitors, everyday, on all your tracked keywords. 

Number of Analyzes 

Once a day we analyze a given URL to minimize the number of requests sent to your server. One URL can however be analyzed several times if you track this page:

  • on mobile and for desktop
  • in different languages 

The same URL can for example have a different score on mobile in English than for desktop in Italien. 

Analysis Update 

The analyzed pages are automatically updated everyday. You can force a new analysis, for example if you change something that you would like to immediately check, by clicking on the button 'Update the page analysis'. 

The best ranked page isn’t the one I want to rank on

You can define the page associated with a keyword if you want to modify (or "force") the analyzed page for a keyword.

Deleting analyzes 

The analyzed pages are automatically deleted if:

  • they are not associated with a keyword
  • and if they have not been found as the best ranked page of the same site on a keyword in the last 7 days. 

A deleted page will automatically reappear if we find it as the best ranked page on the same site on a tracked keyword.