Keyword optimization

What is keyword optimization ?

As a reminder, keywords are terms composed of one or more words that correspond to the subject present in a page. These words allow Google to associate these articles or pages to the requests of Internet users in order to present them relevant results.

Keyword optimization is the improvement of the choice and use of keywords relevant to the content, product or service offered on a web page.

Why should I optimize my keywords ?

It is important to optimize keywords because it is through them that search engines will find your content when users search for specific terms. If your keywords are optimized, your page will be more easily associated with the users' query. This will help improve your click through rate and the quality indicator of your page.

How to optimize your keywords

In order to optimize your keywords, your content must :

  • target at least 1 keyword on which the page is intended to be ranked
  • have a keyword highlighted in semantically strong elements such as the page title; the meta description; the title <h1> and <hn> highlighted by the <strong> tag; the url and the image
  • have a keyword highlighted when it is repeated in the content (beware of stuffing) and appears early in the content