Optimized h1 title

What is an optimized h1 title ?

As a reminder, the h1 title is the main and most important title of a content. This is the first title you usually see at the top of a web page.
An optimized h1 title is a title that contains the targeted keyword related to the main content of the page. It is also the title written with the largest font size. 

Why is it important ? 

The h1 title is important because it is through it that search engines and users will identify the content of a page. It is also important to know that the title h1 is one of the most influential factors for ranking on search engine results.

How to optimize a h1 title ?

In order to optimize your h1 title you must : 

  • write an attractive title that contains the main keywords of the page's content 
  • use the largest font size
  • have only one h1 title per page. It is possible to have several H1 titles per page, when the page contains several distinct contents, but this technique makes the optimization more delicate

For example : 

<h1>How to optimize a h1 title to get organic referencing</h1>