Optimized meta description

What is a meta description?

A meta description is the description of the content of your website or web page. It informs the Internet user about what he will find by clicking on your site. It is located below the title link that allows the access to your site in the pages of search engines.

Why is it important to optimize my meta description?

The meta tag "description" plays an essential role in the referencing of a website because it appears in the SERPs of search engines. Even if it is no longer crawled by search engine robots, it is the main showcase of your website (along with the title). Having a nice showcase attracts more traffic and increases your CTR, improving your SEO.  Its goal is therefore to attract the interest of Internet users to visit your site. 

How to optimize a meta description?

When you write your title in your meta tag "description", it is important to respect several criteria in order to optimize it :

  • your description must describe the content of your site in an attractive way for  Internet users, i.e. it must incite them to click on your website
  • depending on the case, the length of your description should be between 90 and 320 characters. In most cases, Google displays 600 pixels in the SERP (about 160 characters)
  • your description must be clear and concise
  • do not write a list of key words 
  • use action verbs: "Improve", "Increase", "Expand", "Discover", etc
  • your description should allow you to differentiate yourself from others
  • avoid including temporal elements : "Tomorrow", "Today", etc