Readability of content

What is the readability of content ?

The readability of content concerns the facility of reading and comprehension of the content by the users. Structuring aspects, such as paragraphs, sections, titles and subtitles, number of words, length of sentences, language used, but also more aesthetic aspects such as the font of the text, its size and color, for example, directly influence the readability of a content. 

Why is it important ?

Readability of content is important because it has a strong influence on the reader's interest and engagement with content. A content that is difficult to understand, whether because of its structure, the language used or even because of its design, will have difficulty attracting visits. Even less will it make them come back.

How to improve the readability of your content ?

Regarding readability from a structuring and language point of view, think about :

  • writing short sentences (about 16 words per sentence) to help the understanding and memorization of the content
  • choose a simpler vocabulary adapted to your target audience