Preconnect to required origins

What is a preconnect ?

When a resource on a page is loaded later by a JavaScript script or CSS style, the browser cannot anticipate the necessary connection to the site (origin) and wastes time connecting to it when it has to load it instead.  A preconnection is an instruction that informs the browser that this connection will be needed later, allowing it to prepare for it.

Why is it important ?

It is useful to specify these different later connections so that the browser anticipates them and improves the loading of the relevant resources when the time comes. Pre-connections therefore improve the page loading time.

How to set them up

Establish early connections with important external sources. To tell the browser which pre-connection to make, it is necessary to add the code at the <head> section of the HTML code.

Example for the subsequent loading of the resource "" :

<link rel="preconnect" href="">