Notification permission

What is a notification permission ?

A notification permission is a request made by a website to the user to obtain the right to send notifications. When this request is accepted, the user will be able to receive notifications that will be displayed off the page in their system. This request, which is displayed on the user's browser, is initiated using javaScript code: notification.requestPermission()

Why is it important to ask for it correctly ?

Faced with a request for permission to notify without context, i.e. when the page is loading, users are confused, suspicious and may refuse it. An early request therefore hinders the user experience and alters the relative confidence in the website.

How can it be implemented effectively ?

To provide an optimal experience, it is necessary to make the request at the right time, as a user interaction and not at the page loading. In addition, it is interesting to offer several types of notifications to the user and to make the request only after his choice.