Descriptive links

What is a descriptive link ?

A descriptive link is a link whose anchor provides clear information about its destination. For example, in the sentence "7 tips to improve your mobile SEO", the anchor of the link is "7 tips to improve your mobile SEO".

Why is it important ?

Descriptive links are important because they determine the subject of the destination page. This "indication" of the landing page content is taken into account by Google and is also a way to attract users' interest. 

How to manage descriptive links 

In order to optimize your descriptive links you should :

  • stay in the subject and do not use a descriptive link that is not related to the content of the landing page
  • add keywords to ensure good understanding by search engines and also to incite user clicks
  • avoid neutral links such as "read more" or "click here" since they do not really give information about the destination page
  • do not use the URL of the page instead of the descriptive link, unless you have a good reason to do so, for example to reference the new site address