100 copy and paste headline ideas that generate traffic!


Out of inspiration for your titles? Are you looking for the ultimate eye-catching title for your content? Or maybe, you're just curious about what's behind this title, in this case we've managed to catch your attention.. Proof that it's a copy & paste title, right?! 😉

No, but now seriously, generating impactful headlines is actually an art! For some people, it comes naturally, for others, despite the magnesium and vitamins ingested, it does not work lika that.

If you're trying to find a way to improve your titles, it's because you've understood that the title is more important than your content. It's the cover of your book, the window of your store, I mean... THE proposal! (ok, I've kinda lost my track).

Let's stay more pragmatic about the subject. We are constantly being bombarded with content and because of that we become totally blind to it!  No matter what platform we use, whether it's on Google or on a social network, we don't read everything that is proposed to us. It's biologically speaking not possible, our brain is not programmed to read and retain everything we see. Internet users don't even pay attention anymore, they skip the content like they skip TV channels. What we do know, however, is that a user shares a content when the title speaks to him, sometimes without even reading the content ... So you understand why your title is so important to work.

We decided to help you by giving you a list of 100 title ideas that you can reuse in your own way (with a little imagination) to generate traffic, views! ( yes yes, it's a gift ! )

The 100 catchy title ideas

Sorted by category 😉

Category: " List / TOP X / Tips & Tricks "

The top titles that generate the most traffic are awarded to this category.

  1. 10 secrets that SEO experts won't tell you,
  2. TOP 20 tips that will make you an SEO Guru,
  3. The 5 signs that prove you are wrong in SEO,
  4. We generated for you the 100 best headline ideas to copy/paste to boost your traffic,
  5. The 9 mistakes not to make in SEO,
  6. 35 ways to generate sales with SEO,
  7. The 13 reasons why you should invest in backlinks,
  8. 6 quick and easy things to do for your local SEO,
  9. 7 Ultimate SEO Techniques to Boost Your Visibility,
  10. The 79 must-follow sites for your digital intelligence,
  11. The best growth hacking apps,
  12. The best quotes to use at parties that will make you an influencer,
  13. The ultimate guide not to be forgotten,
  14. The recipe for happiness in 5 steps,
  15. 10 exercises to do every day to be in shape,
  16. 6 steps to a perfect SEO audit,
  17. Marketing copywriting in 5 questions,
  18. How to make the best tiramisu in the world [20 photos]
  19. The best tips for successful marketing on LinkedIn
  20. The Guide to Successful Sales at a Professional Evening

Category: Answering Questions About Your Business 

The idea is to use the searches done by Internet users' and make them more attractive by structuring them in the form of questions.


  1. How to manage your diet to lose weight without frustration?
  2. Why do your positions drop overnight?
  3. What are the reasons why you are less well ranked than your competitors?
  4. How to generate more reach on your Youtube videos?
  5. How to effectively increase my reputation through backlinks?
  6. How to manage your SEO when you don't have a tool?
  7. How to use Facebook to generate more leads?
  8. How to find happiness through yoga?
  9. Website audit: why and how should I do it?
  10. How to sell a product on Amazon?
  11. How to turn frustration into motivation?
  12. How to do growth hacking without knowing how to code? How to do growth hacking with no code?
  13. How to do high level SEO like Olivier Andrieu?
  14. How to become an SEO expert when you are not a technician?
  15. Why can't I prospect on Linkedin?
  16. How to do technical SEO for e-commerce sites?

Category: Definition / FAQ

For those who are looking for the 0 position, these questions are the most often valued on Google:

  1. How to do a reverse image search on your phone? 
  2. What is a keyword in SEO?
  3. What does SEO value mean?
  4. What is the use of backlinks in a digital strategy?
  5. What is an alt attribute?
  6. What is the purpose of a facebook pixel?
  7. Why is it important to optimize its meta description?
  8. What is a meta-description?
  9. SEM, SEA, SMO, SEO: definitions and benefits
  10. Trigger marketing: everything about trigger marketing
  11. What does Trigger Marketing mean?
  12. Category : Les versus - Ask for a review
  13. SEO vs SEA,
  14. What are the reasons why you are less well positioned than X
  15. Trigger marketing: everything about trigger marketing
  16. What does Trigger Marketing mean?

Category : Versus & Ask for a review

  1. SEO vs SEA,
  2. Are you for or against black hat?
  3. Are you more SEO or SEA?
  4. Your opinion matters: White or black hat?
  5. Moz or Cocolyze, which one is better?
  6. Semrush versus Cocolyze, which one does win the duel ?
  7. Do you prefer 1.fr or Cocolyze's editorial tool?
  8. Which one is the most efficient: Cocolyze and SEMRush?
  9. Tell us what failed during the France - Sweden match?
  10. [ Poll ] What makes Cocolyze so successful in SEO ?
  11. [ We need your expertise ] What do you think about the semantic cocoon strategy?
  12. [ Poll results ] Here's what makes Cocolyze successful, according to you!

Category: Motivate, Prove success

If they tell us how to be successful, then why deny ourselves? 😉

  1. The most effective way to overcome the SEO problem
  2. Introducing a revolutionary method to master SEO
  3. How to do more SEO by doing less?
  4. How to do SEO on a budget?
  5. How to sell SEO?
  6. How to do SEO without cutting an arm?
  7. How did I scale my positions in 1 month of time and NOT spend a dime?
  8. Integrate this technique and you will earn 10% more revenue!
  9. I wrote this methodology that will take you from 20th to 1st position on Google
  10. Here's how he increased his sales by 200% with a simple method

Category: Referral of thought, of a celebrity, of a brand, of a competitor?

As soon as a person you like is quoted, your relationship with the content is positive even before you read it, you attribute more interest to it.


  1. John Muller explains why Cocolyze is the best SEO tool in the world,
  2. David Beckham, his infallible flirting method ,
  3. Angélina Joly comments on the Stronch case and gives her opinion,
  4. John Muller gives us 5 tips to integrate into your SEO strategy,
  5. Maéva Carter generates 10 new contacts per day on LinkedIn, here is her method.
  6. The 10 best bodybuilding exercises according to Bruce Wayne,
  7. She lost 20 kilos in 6 months, Loana reveals her secret
  8. How to do high-level SEO like Olivier Andrieu? [The Expert's Voice].
  9. The revolutionary SEO method according to Tennessee Veldeman: The MAAC Method
  10. We finally know why David Chelly invests in domain names

Category: Create fear!

  1. You risk losing all your data if you don't buy this product
  2. Are you sure your website is well optimized for SEO?
  3. 25% of you lose 50% of your turnover without knowing it.  Here is the reason why
  4. 10 foods to ban from your diet!
  5. Products that are toxic for your body
  6. 3 /4 of your content does not attract the right audience, find out why.
  7. Fear of being exposed ? Overcome the impostor syndrome
  8. Are you embarrassed by your spelling? Here's what to do
  9. [ Core Web Vitals Update ] - You only have 30 days left to get up to speed
  10. You risk being blacklisted by Google [ DOSSIER - GOOGLE UPDATE]

Category : The Bans - Things not to do

  1. How to effectively lose money by investing in BitCoin
  2. 5 mistakes that ruins a good customer relationship,
  3. Do not to read except if you want to lose weight,
  4. Don't want to lose weight? Then this book is not for you
  5. Avoid repeating these 10 SEO mistakes
  6. 3 influencers to ban from your podcasts
  7. Don't listen, under any circumstances, to these 6 web marketing tips
  8. These everyday actions you should never repeat at home
  9. Stop doing SEA immediately, here's why!
  10. STOP! it must stop doing it immediately [ SEO Advisor ]

And if you are still out of inspiration, here you have 3 tools that will help you generate "ultra catchy" titles:

1 – SEOpressor : https://seopressor.com/blog-title-generator/

2 – Headlime : https://headlime.com/

3 - Tweakyourbiz :  https://tweakyourbiz.com/title-generator


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